"Rosemary is a fantastic, well qualified teacher. The classes are small so you receive individual attention and exercises to suit your needs. I have been attending classes for almost three years. My posture, balance, strength and range of movement have really improved. I would highly recommend Ranges Pilates."    

Signed Allison


With nearly 20 years of Pilates experience and knowledge, we work to change how your body moves.   With individual attention you will be given the skills and tools for injury rehabilitation or prevention, movement re-education, how to manage pain more effectively and improve sports performance, such as basketball, running or equestrian activities.  Ranges Pilates has many clients who ride dressage, western, pleasure who have found enormous improvement in their form and stamina.

Operating for 5 years,Ranges Pilates studio situated in the foothills between Monbulk and Emerald.  Close to The Patch, Kallista, Sassafras, Sherbrooke, Ferny Creek, Olinda, Mt Dandenong, Silvan, Belgrave, Selby, Menzies Creek,  Macclesfield, Gembrook, Clematis, Cockatoo, Yellingbo, Seville, Wandin, Wandin North, Nangana, Woori Yallock and Yarra Valley.  The studio is fully equipped with a complete range of large Pilates apparatus, such The Reformer, Cadillac (also known as trapeze table), ladder barrel, contour barrel and Wunda chair all sourced from US leading Pilates equipment company Balanced Body.

The major advantage of the Pilates apparatus is that they support the body in a variety of ways, great if you have any injuries or medical conditions, but also if you have no injuries and want to really challenge yourself.   The springs can either assist with the exercise, or resist making the exercise more challenging.  We also have a wide variety of smaller equipment and props which are also used in the Group Mat Classes such as, foam rollers, Fitballs, Chi Balls, Therabands and tubes, and Pilates Circles, plus a range of massage balls for release work. Additionally the studio also has the Rip 60 Suspension system and BOSU.

 If practiced consistently, Pilates will make you stronger, more flexible and live life more fully.   

Why choose Ranges Pilates

To teach at Ranges Pilates Studio you must have completed the PAA Diploma of Pilates, or the APMA course known as Level 2 or now Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy which involves at least 630 face to face lecture hours with 200 hours of supervised teaching. Prerequisite is tertiary level anatomy.

Comprehensive Pilates training is not just a bunch of exercises to get a strong core. Joseph Pilates was very strict with who and how they taught his method of exercising. The Pilates Method is to be mindful of every movement. Teachers must be able to read the body in front of them. To get the best possible muscle recruitment pattern, to make the body work most efficiently.  To work all the stabilising muscles in the body, such as ankles, knee, hips, spine, shoulder girdle, elbows and wrist, not just the core.  

The 630 hour plus Pilates Training teaches us to make the session safe and beneficial for a wide range of pathologies and medical conditions including the following:

  • Spinal disc injuries

  • Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff

  • Knee injuries such as ACL tear

  • Ankle injuries and foot injuries

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Sacro Iliac Joint strain

  • Pre and post-natal complications such pelvic instability and rectus diastasis (abdominal separation)

  • Pelvic Floor dysfunction including incontinence and recovery from Prolapse surgery

  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia (reduced bone density),

  • Spondylolisthesis (partial fracture and slippage of vertebra)

  • Spondylosis

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Lower back pain

  • Hip labral tear and hip dysplasia

  • Recovery from joint replacements, including hip and knee.

  • Scoliosis


Your Teacher: Rosemary Baker

I am passionate about the Pilates method since it has helped me my body deal with chronic lower back and neck pain.  

My first exposure to Pilates was to help treat a spinal injury I suffered in a car accident, over 20 years ago.  Having experienced the results first hand, I decided to become a Pilates Teacher.  Fully qualified (Diploma Level) and registered as a certified Level 2 Pilates Teacher and a member of the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). My other qualifications include a Certificate III as Fitness Instructor, and Certificate IV in Personal Training.  

Over the last 15 plus years I have been teaching Pilates, It is very rewarding for me, to see how it has helped so many people have a better quality of life, getting out of pain, increasing strength, flexibility and balance, and improving their sporting or life’s goals. Pilates has improved many clients back, shoulder, foot, ankle, and hip and knee injuries.

To ensure an informed approach to your treatment and on-going care, I am committed to liaising with other health professional in all fields. I have established links with allied health practitioners in the area and can recommend a variety of practitioners if you require additional treatment.

Rosemary Baker and the late great Minnie

Rosemary Baker and the late great Minnie