"As a Dressage rider it is imperative that the rider has absolute control over their body so that the body signals we give our horses in training are crystal clear.    The individually tailored sessions I have had with Rosemary over the last 2 years have made a big impact.    My core has strengthened and the tension in my lower back, rib cage and hip flexors have released considerably, enabling me to me a far more effective rider and trainer.    I just wish I had made the time to do Pilates years ago!"        Janice Herzig  - Dressage Rider, Silvan

What Is Pilates?


Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates over 100 years ago, which emphasizes the balanced development of the bodies muscles through strength, flexibility, and precision in order to support efficient movement and good posture

The Pilates Method of exercising releases and lengthens muscles which are tight and strengthens what muscles are weak.  Most often this what people think as the ‘core’, which includes the muscles Rectus Abdominus (deep abdominal muscles), Pelvic Floor, Multifidus (deep spinal stabiliser) and diaphragm.  But it is much, much more than this; we also want to strengthen the gluteal muscles which support the hips and pelvis, and the shoulder stabilisers. Plus we are aiming for the correct and most efficient muscle recruitment patterns throughout the body, because it is imbalances which can lead to injuries.

Why is good postural alignment important?

Good postural alignment both when static such as standing, sitting and dynamic such as walking, exercising, running, etc. is extremely important your whole life. If your body is out of alignment this causes some muscles to shorten and other to lengthen and weaken, plus others to over work and others to not work enough or at all. This can cause pain and discomfort.

Think what is like when you have been sitting to long at a computer with head forward, shoulders round forward, upper back hunched. How painful is your neck and the back of your shoulders? The muscles are out of balance, not in there optimal position.

Who does Pilates help?

Pilates is for anyone. Any size, any shape or any age.  The oldest personal I know who does Pilates in a studio is 93 and she took it up when she was 85. 

Pilates can assist a wide variety of conditions, Spinal Disc conditions, Pregnancy, Pre-natal and Post Natal, SIJ disfunction, Shoulder injury, knee pathologies such as ACL injury, hip pain, neck tightness, plantar fasciitis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, upper back tightness and rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries.

Pilates is not just for those that have an injury, it is great for those wanting to improve sports or hobbies, such as cycling, tennis, running, golf and equestrian activities such a dressage and pleasure riding.  Dressage and Pilates is a great mix where posture, strength, control and ease of movement are so important.

How long does it take to improve?

This depends, on how long you have been you been using poor muscles recruitment patterns, or how long you have had poor posture.  Whether there is any permanent damage or degeneration. Pilates is not a quick fix, but over time with commitment and dedication to improving your posture and movement patterns it will certainly improve. The human body has the most amazing capacity to heal itself given a chance. If you keep those muscles strong and flexibility, you can improve.

What is the difference between a Mat Class and a Studio Class?

A Group Mat Class has a maximum of 10 people. I take the class through a series of exercises performed on a Mat, using small apparatus such as Therabands, Weights, Massage Balls, Foam Roller, Balls and Pilates Circles. The entire group follows the same exercise sequence with modifications if required for the individual participant. Open to all levels and ability, and injuries.  The Classes are an 1 hour and 15 minutes long, held at the Studio Selby, 125 Belgrave Gembrook Rd, Selby - Wednesdays at 11.00am. Bookings through www.thestudioselby.com.au

The Studio Group Class has a maximum of up to 4 people with individual exercises. It is a different format to the Group Mat Class, you will be guided through a sequence of individual exercises, tailored just for you, utilising the entire variety of equipment in the studio, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Contour Barrel, Mat and small apparatus. The classes are an hour long.

The Private Studio Session gives you the complete attention for the entire hour. These are especially beneficial when first starting Pilates.

The Initial Assessment is essential for you to book into a studio group or studio private class. In the one hour and fifteen minutes your teacher will go through in detail your goals, injury and medical history. They will also assess your posture and walking gait. As well as detailed instruction on the foundation Pilates techniques.